Post-Panic Red Rocks Afterparty w/ Cosmic Charlie

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Post-Panic Red Rocks AfterpartyFt. Cosmic Charlie: Grateful Dead Tribute BandSunday, June 23Doors 9PM9:30PM – 2AM$15 Advance / $20 DOS$45 Party Bus Add-On21+ // Limited Free Parking———————Cosmic Charlie really is a great band – these guys do this music the way it should be done: having the conversation in their own voices.- David Gans, Grateful Dead Hour After the Widespread Panic Red Rocks show, head on over to Kulture Music Hall for Cosmic Charlie, the high energy Grateful Dead tribute from Athens GA! Cosmic Charlie will play 2 sets of DEAD and keep the jams going till late!———————Cosmic Charlie was born in the musical Mecca of Athens, Georgia. From its summer 1999 inception, the band swiftly cemented its reputation as a band that puts a unique and personal twist on the Grateful Dead catalogue. Cosmic Charlie is a Dead cover band for folks that are ambivalent about Dead cover bands.Rather than mimicking the Dead exactly, Cosmic Charlie chooses to tap into the Deads energy and style as a foundation on which to build. The result is healthy balance of creativity and tradition, where both the band and its audience are taken to that familiar edge with the sense that, music is actually being MADE here tonight.Moving and shaking even the most skeptical of Deadheads, Cosmic Charlie storms into a town and plays with an energy that eludes other bands, an energy that sometimes eluded the Dead themselves. Those precious moments during Dead jams when the synchronicity is there and all is right with the world – these are the moments that Cosmic Charlie relishes and feverishly welcomes with open arms. Clearly, Cosmic Charlies audiences are also eager to partake in these moments, and together with the band, they have indulged in many memorable evenings.Most nights, Cosmic Charlie walks onstage without a setlist, not even knowing what the first song will be. Any Dead tune can rear its head at any moment, and fan requests are always welcome. INSPIRATON, MOVE ME BRIGHTLY is Cosmic Charlies mantra, allowing the music to truly play the band.Youtube: